• Engineered beams

Depending on your needs and the nature of your project, its achievement may require the use of beams and columns. On this level, Structures RBR has decided to work with Weyerhaeuser engineered products.

Engineered wood beams and columns allow greater flexibility than traditional beams and columns. They allow you to reduce the number of columns and therefore offer more room to manoeuver for interior design.

They offer longer spans.

They don’t warp or crack.

They are also an excellent alternative to more costly light steel structures.

Our technicians and advisors have been specially trained to assist you in every step of your project to simplify your work on the job site. We include a complete assembly plan with every project as well as all the necessary information (cross-sections and details as appropriate).


  • Microlam (LVL), Timberstrand (LSL) and Parallam (PSL) beams and columns.
  • Parallam (PSL) columns.

Benefits of buying from Structures RBR

  • Precise calculation of the engineered wood components necessary for your project.
  • Exceptional quality of service from our technical advisors.
  • Thousands of projects carried out using our engineered wood beams and columns.
  • We recognize the value of a good word; that’s why we supply the right product with the right solutions.