• Roof trusses

Structures RBR has been designing and manufacturing wood structures destined for the residential, commercial and agricultural markets in Quebec and the Northeastern United States for over 40 years.

The quality of Structures RBR prefab roof trusses is second to none. They exceed the standards set by the National Building Code of Canada (NBC). Our roof trusses enable the construction of solid roofs and are adaptable to any architectural requirements.

We custom design our roof trusses directly from your plans and specifications. They are built using first quality materials, using exclusively kiln-dried lumber tested for its strength and rigidity.

Our technicians and advisors have been specially trained to assist you in every step of your project to simplify your work on the job site. We include a complete assembly plan with every project as well as all the necessary information (cross-sections and details as appropriate).
  • Depending on conditions, they can reach an overall length of 88'-8½".

Benefits of buying from Structures RBR

  • 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing roof trusses.
  • Exceptional quality of service from our technical advisors.
  • Precision manufacturing of roof trusses. It’s essential that all components perfectly integrate with each another, problem-free and with no loss of time.
  • We custom design our roof trusses using your plans or requests using first-rate software and materials, using exclusively kiln-dried lumber specially tested for its superior strength and rigidity.
  • Our manufacturing methods produce roof trusses of uniform dimensions that fully respect your plans and specifications. We also take into account all the necessary supports required for your trusses.

Prefab modules

  • We can assemble our roof trusses in modules up to 12' wide using plywood or other materials, including all the bracings and continuous connections.