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From project design to reception of your products at your job site, the entire team of professionals at Structures RBR will be right there with you every step of your project. Thanks to their know-how, you’ll get the advice you need to find the solutions that fit your project, no matter what your architectural, technical or budgetary requirements.

Every one of our employees is an expert in their field and shares our company values of quality products and services. We’re proud to offer our first class team of specialists dedicated to your total satisfaction.

No-surprise estimates!

The number one quality of our expert advisors and estimators is their ability to perfectly understand your project in order to propose the perfect solution and make a precise evaluation that avoids surprises later on.

Flawless design!

Our architectural technicians are experts in structural design and specialize in the most up-to-date software in the industry. They produce precise and detailed assembly plans and technical drawings, no matter how large or complex your project.

Unsurpassed quality control! 

Strict quality controls are carried out at each step of your project, from receipt of raw materials to delivery of the final product; all the way from design to production. These controls help Structures RBR ensure your entire satisfaction.

Just-in-time delivery service! 

Structures RBR uses a fleet of specially equipped trucks to ensure your products are efficiently transported and delivered directly to your job site. We precisely track all our deliveries to ensure your deadlines are met, no matter what the destination.

Personalized after-sales service!

Once our products are delivered, we stay at your service to answer all your installation questions and to ensure that every product and service connected to your contract is delivered according to your needs and requirements.